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Young Guns II(

"Young Guns II" was a much more profitable, slightly bigger-budget sequel to the original. It was released by a bigger distributor and had a much more wider distribution. In some ways, it was more of a remake than a sequel.

Blended with a smash hit soundtrack, music by Jon Bon Jovi, the film followed the further adventures of wanted man, Billy the Kid (Estevez) as he again becomes the most wanted man in the West. At the same time his former friends have also been rounded up and targeted for death.

Enter, Pat Garrett (William L.Peterson), one of Billy's friends and someone he use to ride with.  Money is offered to Garrett, now a sherrif, to take down Billy. The truth has never been clear.

The sequel featured a stellar cast included Estevez, Peterson, Lou Diamond Philips, Christian Slater,