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T I M E L I N E    O F   E V E N T S

November 23, 1859

Brooklyn, New York


March 1, 1873
His mother, Catherine, married William Antrim in Santa Fe, New Mexico--
Henry and brother Joseph were in attendance
age 13


September 16, 1874
His mother died of tuberculosis
age 14


Arrested for stealing clothes from a Chinese laundry--
escaped jail and went to Arizona
age 15-16


Worked in Arizona for two years as a farmhand, teamster and cowboy-- going by Kid Antrim
age 15-17


August 1877
Killed Frank P. Cahill in settlement of Bonita, Arizona [southwest of Safford] as a result of fistfight, then shooting--
He was arrested and again broke out of jail and went to Mesilla, New Mexico going by William H. Bonney
age 17


Rode with Jesse Evans gang briefly
age 17-18?


February 28, 1878
After the murder [not done by Billy] of John Tunstall, Billy was arrested by Sheriff William Brady who was on the other side of a feud between the John S. Chisum bunch and the Lawrence G. Murphy bunch... a feud fueled by a struggle for contracts for supplying beef to government. The feud eventually became known as the Lincoln County Wars.
age 18


Later in 1878
Billy rode with a vigilante group called the Regulators, headed up by Dick Brewer, who was the appointed constable.
age 18


March 1878
Two of the men thought to have beenTunstall's murderers were captured by the Regulators. Brewer wanted to incarcerate them in Lincoln [northeast of Ruidoso]. However, both were killed before reaching town. It is thought that Billy killed them.
age 18


April 4, 1878
Billy was involved in a gunfight at Blazer's Mill. A.L. (Buckshot) Roberts, a Murphy partisan, killed Dick Brewer and then died from bullet wounds himself.
After that, Billy became the leader of the Regulators.
age 18


July 1878
The "five-day battle" took place in Lincoln.
The Murphy bunch surrounded the home of McSween, where the Regulators were. McSween was killed, but Billy and others escaped the burning house.
After that, the remaining Regulators continued the fight against the "House of Murphy."
age 18


Later in 1878
Billy was present when Morris J. Bernstein was killed. After which he stayed at the Chisum ranch and, with his friends, stole horses and cattle from known Murphy partisans.
age 18


Fall 1878
Billy came to the Texas panhandle, in the Canadian valley, where Chisum sent some cattle for grazing.
age 18


Late 1878 into 1879
Billy made friends among the residents of Tascosa, Texas on the Candian River, northwest of Amarillo.
He sold Sheriff Brady's horse, Dandy Dick, to Dr. Henry F. Hoyt. The gang sold all the horses they had stolen.
age 18-19

Early 1879
Billy and Tom O'Folliard returned to the Lincoln area and recriuted new members to their rustling operation.
age 19

Early 1879
New territorial governor of New Mexico published wanted list which included Billy, who was implicated in the murder of Sheriff Brady.
age 19

February 1879
A momentary truce ended when Murphy partisans killed a lawyer named Houston Chapman.
age 19

Early 1879
Governor Wallace arranged a meeting with Billy and promised a full pardon for all charges against him in exchange for his testimony against Chapman's murderers.
age 19

Early 1879
Billy agreed to the meeting, allowing himself to be placed in custody at Lincoln, but then Chapman's killers escaped.
age 19

Spring 1879
Billy was held in custody until his case came before the court... one of many regarding the Lincoln County War.
age 19

Spring 1879
Billy had an arrangement with the governor of the territory whereby he had considerable freedom while awaiting a pardon.
He eventually grew impatient, told the guards he was tired of waiting, got on a horse within their view and rode away.
age 19

Months later, Billy approached John Chisum in an attempt to collect $500 for his services with the Lincoln County Regulators.
Chisum refused to pay. Billy helped himself to some of Chisum's livestock after that.
age 19

January 1880
Billy killed a bounty hunter named Joe Grant in a saloon after Grant's gun misfired.
age 20

With a price on his head of $500, he was almost captured at the town of Whie Oaks, northwest of Lincoln.
age 20

After escaping capture, he seems to have shown up at the Greathouse Ranch, where Jim Carlyle died... Billy receiving the blame.
age 20

Late in November 1880
Pat Garrett, Sheriff of Lincoln County, and a posse ambushed Billy's gang at Fort Sumner, killing Tom O'Folliard.
Billy and others escaped.
age 20-21

A few days later 1880
The posse caught up with the gang at Stinking Springs, 25 miles from Fort Sumner.
A gunfight ended with Charlie Bowdre being killed.
Billy and three others surrendered... being taken to jail in Las Vegas, then to Santa Fe before being moved to Mesilla for trial the following spring.
age 21

Spring 1881
Billy was charged with the shooting of Buckshot Roberts, but it was dropped.
Then he was tried and convicted for the murder of Sheriff Brady, and sentenced to hang... then being transferred to the courthouse and jail in Loncoln.
age 21

April 28, 1881
Billy killed deputies John Bell and Robert Olinger and escaped.
age 21

July 1881
John W. Poe, now aiding Pat Garrett, received an anonymous tip that Billy was hiding out at the home of Duvelina, an Indian slave and former sweethart of Billy's at Fort Sumner.
age 21

July 14 1881
Billy moved to the Maxwell Ranch to visit Celsa Gutierrez, his sweethart.
In the darkness of a room at the ranch house, Pat Garrett, recognized the voice of Billy and shot twice, killing Billy.
age 21

There were some indians who thought their neighbor, John Miller, was an escaped Billy The Kid who lived until 1937.
See book list below
What Ever Happened To Billy The Kid?

Ollie L. (Brushy Bill) Roberts indicated that he was Billy the Kid.
No conclusive evidence was ever presented. It must be noted that Brushy Bill seemingly had facts about the Lincoln County War that were not available elsewhere.
It must also be noted that differences between the two have been pointed out in that Billy was literate whereas Brushy Bill apparently was not.