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Character : Pat Garrett

Garrett first met Billy when Billy was one of Turnstall's employees. Garrett served as a loyal friend in this time; and then later, when he rode with the outlaw.

When a high price was put on Billy's head, Garrett decided it was time to sell out, joined up as a sherrif, and apparently, shot Billy in a deserted home.


Player : Patrick Wayne (Young Guns)

Patrick Wayne, played Garrettm briefly in "Young Guns". Wayne has done more TV work than film. His roles include "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" and "Branded"


Player : William L.Peterson (Young Guns II)

Peterson is most famous for his role as Wil Graham in "Manhunter", a film based on Thomas Harris's book "Red Dragon".

Since then, Peterson has appeared in such films as "Cousins", "'Fear", "The Contender", "Gunshy" and "The Skulls".

Most recently, Peterson joined the cast of "CSI", co-starring Marg Helgenberger.