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Thanks to "Young Guns II", Jon Bon Jovi hit big time as a Solo Career.

The Artist had been touring with band, Bon Jovi, when they all decided to take a little break - Jon decided to do the soundtrack.

In 1990, it was released as "Blaze of Glory".

The record produced two hit singles in the number one title track and the number 12 "Miracle," as well as earning Grammy and Oscar nominations.

1. Billy Get Your Gun
2. Miracle
3. Blaze of Glory - BonJovi, Jon
4. Blood Money
5. Santa Fe
6. Justice in the Barrel
7. Never Say Die
8. You Really Got Me Now
9. Bang a Drum
10. Dyin' Ain't Much of a Livin'
11. Guano

Click on any of the above titles and here a sample of the music