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Character : Josiah G."Doc"  Scurlock

Doc, as he is affectionality known, is one of the more likable members of the regulators.

He finds time for romance; and after seeking revenge on the Murphy boys, marries.

He spent some time as a schoolteacher in New York; before being captured for his earlier crimes.

Doc fled the scene with old friend, Billy the Kid, but eventually was shot down.


Player : Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer, son of veteran actor Donald Sutherland, was one of the most in demand workers in Hollywood in the 1980's.

Previously linked to Julia Roberts, Kiefer's biggest claims to fame include the film he and Julia starred in together (Flatliners), "Renegades", "The Lost Boys", "Stand By Me", "A Few Good Men" and "Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me"

Kiefer's more recent films include "Beat" and "Picking Up The Pieces", and he also features in the TV series "24"