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Character : Richard Brewer

Richard Brewer, aka Dick, was one of Turnstall's employees. In many ways, he was the head of the family, that's before Billy the Kid came along.

After their employer is killed, Dick and Billy come to argument about who should lead their group.

Dick was one of the first regulators shot down. A bounty hunter killed him outside a tavern.

Player : Charlie Sheen

Sheen, born Estevez, had the chance to work with his brother, Emilio, on the first "Young Guns" movie.

Emilio and Sheen have also appeared together in several other movies, including "Wisdom", "National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1", "Men at Work", and "Rated X".

Sheen recently replaced Michael J.Fox on TV's "Spin City" and is winning rave reviews.