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Character : Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh

Poor Dave just wanted to be famous. He had buckleys once he started riding with the legendary, William H.Bonney.

Dave was beheaded; pretty much after getting to Mexico.


Player : Christian Slater

Christian Slater is one of the most popular young actors of his generation.

His long-line of film credits include "Mobsters", "Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves", "Kuffs", "Untamed Heart", "Pump up the Volume", "Interview with the Vampire" and "True Romance".

Christian re-teamed with "Young Guns II" co-star William L.Peterson for the film "The Contender".

Slater's recent movies include "Cletis Tout", "In God We Trust", "Windtalkers", "3000 Miles to Graceland" and "Very Bad Things".