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Character : William H.Bonney

William H Bonney also known as Henry McArty and Kid Antrim, was one of the most notorious gunmen of the American South West.

Born in New York in 1859, the family moved to Silver City, New Mexico when Billy's father died. He spent much of his childhood hanging around frontier saloons and was reported to have committed his first murder at the age of twelve.

He was soon wanted for cattle rustling, robbery and murder. Billy the Kid is said to have killed 21 men.

Billy the Kid was captured by Sheriff Pat Garrett in 1880 and sentenced to hang. He escaped after killing two deputies, only to be pursued by a determined Pat Garrett.

Billy the Kid was located hiding in a ranch house. He was trapped and was fatally shot by Pat Garrett in 1881.


Player : Emilio Estevez

Estevez, son of Martin Sheen, and brother to co-star Charlie Sheen, has played the lead in several films.

In the 80's, Estevez was a member of that elite group of young actors tagged "The Brat Pack". His fiancee at the time was Demi Moore.

Estevez's credits include "The Breakfast Club", "Stakeout", "Repo Man", "Men at Work", "Freejack", "Rated X" and "Sand" (2001)